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|.|name:Angel Marie



|.|sexuality:straight (not laced, straight)

|.|location:BC's beautiful dumpster of poverty and young scared schizophrenics...

|.|hobbies/interests/things you like to do, or do often/etc.:i love art, and poetry, acting, anything in the arts.

|.|favorite class:art

|.|what kind of music?:metal/punk/rock but i'm very picky.i like nirvana alot.

|.|favorite books/movies/etc.stephan king novels,edagr alln poe poetry, wes craven movies

|.|favorite thing to do with friends?:Hang with them, and do stuff, i'm always the trouble maker that causes trouble and vandalizes...well, the rght people get it anyway. Not been arrested.

|.|your opinion on abortion/life/death/same sex marriges/or anything at all that you want to tell us about:Abortion - let a child live, life - make every moment in life your best, death - hooray! no more crap hole full of miserbale sarcastic freaks i hate, same sex marrigae - couldnt fuckin care, leave me alone! I wish they would stop covering for BC, us *small* people aregoing thru hell!, i have bipolar, and i'm going thru hell!, quit giving to the tsunami!, they have over a billion you fuck rags!, were dying here.

|.|anything else we should know about you?: i don't know, just ask me, okay? or email.

|.|pictures of you or something that describes you:oh, i don't know. i have a scary resemblanace to christina Ricci.

|.|good quote/lyric/song: She'll come back as fire/ and burn all the liars/ leave a blanket of ash on the ground
(Nirvana - Frances Farmer will have her revenge on Seattle (dedicated to late bipolar actress, France Farmer)

I'm an actor, and my fav. actress is Fairuza Balk.
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