Ghenipher Rose (littlexbird) wrote in stunned_silence,
Ghenipher Rose

Info/Application.. thing.

|.|name:Ghenipher Rose

|.|age:20, (Almost 21! the 16th)


|.|sexuality:I like the girls and the boys, but I like dick better.

|.|location:Westfield, Indiana! Wooo! Go corn fields!

|.|hobbies/interests/things you like to do, or do often/etc.: I like to sing, and make art, play with majikal stuff.

|.|favorite class:I don't go to school anymore.. so... It was Art.

|.|what kind of music?: Do I listen to? I listen to alot of Matthew Good, NIN, Threatre of Tradegey, Tori Amos, Pantera, Slayer, Lisa Loeb!, Junction 18, Venus Hum, Chemical Brothers, Our Lady Peace.

|.|favorite books/movies/etc. The Craft,The age of Spiritaul Machines by Ray Kurzweil,

|.|favorite thing to do with friends?:
Sit at the 24 hour starbuck in Oregon and talk about religion, sex, politics, arts till 3 in the morning.

|.|your opinion on abortion/life/death/same sex marriges/or anything at all that you want to tell us about:
UP THE ABORTIONS DOWN THE BABIES. I am Anti-procreation. Alot of people have babies for the wrogn reason, then they end up hating their child for that. Then it's nothing but a chain reaction.. Plus there's too many kids out there anyways.

I lived in Portland, Oregon when that city allowed same sex marriges, I was down at the corthouse, with one of my best friend's to see him get married and then stayed there all day cheering on the other people that were getting married.. I never cried at a wedding till that day. It was so beautiful!

I like drugs.

|.|anything else we should know about you?:
Not that I can think of..
|.|picturesof you or something that describes you:
Image hosted by
title or description

|.|good quote/lyric/song:
Matthew Good - Endsong

"Is there anything that needs to be said that hasn't been said before?
I've been polite for too long, why should I be anymore?
Better now than never,
better loud than clever,
better just.. to play the fool,
it's times like this when you just close your eyes and kiss,
'cause, after this.. is just bullshit and being cruel.."
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