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i hope that worked..

|.|name: montana

|.|age: 13 (i know, i'm young..)

|.|sex: female

|.|sexuality: straight

|.|location: hatboro, pennsylvania

|.|hobbies/interests/things you like to do, or do often/etc.: lacrosse, hang out with friends, listen to music, talk on the phone, go to the park

|.|favorite class: art / lunch / gym

|.|what kind of music?: emo, punk, ska, techno?, metal, indie

|.|favorite books/movies/etc. the hot chick, the princess diaries, garden state, the notebook, requiem for a dream, the perks of being a wallflower, the truth about forever

|.|favorite thing to do with friends?: hang out

|.|your opinion on abortion/life/death/same sex marriges/or anything at all that you want to tell us about: i am strongly against abortion, and same sex marriages really don't bother me because if a person is happy with another person of the same sex... then i'm happy for them. love can't be against the law.

|.|anything else we should know about you?: i tend to tell stories over and over again without realizing it.

|.|picturesof you or something that describes you: i have light brown hair with blonde and red highlights, blue eyes that sometimes change colors (kind of like a mood ring..) and i'm about 5'2" and an athletic body?

|.|good quote/lyric/song: "it's easy to take the most important thing in your life for granted... it can be gone before you realize how important it was" - kiefer sutherland (MY HERO<3)
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