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When Angels Cry Blood On Flowers Of Evil In Bloom




|.|sexuality: Bisexual


|.|hobbies/interests/things you like to do, or do often/etc.: my hobbies are writing and drawing even thoght i am not good at neither and expressing my self artisticly speech is a art as i see it my interest are art.music.skatebording. and that's about it for now i am always finding new things i enjoy some things i like to do are watching my friends skate trying to skate watching band pratice and trying to play my gutar and surfing the internet of course!things that i do often smoke,have premiskyious sex and drink and do drugs that's wat i do doesn't mean i am proud of it or like to do it.

|.|favorite class: art.swimming.sometimes math&english.oh and theater

|.|what kind of music?: ska,punk,metal,classical,and from time to time techno

|.|favorite books/movies/etc. a gothic romance,vampires,the coledst winter ever,is it a crime.rocky picture horror show,something about mary,spangilsih,freddy vs jason, the old childs play movies,why do fools fall in love.what's love got to do with it,the temptations,when the ramones ruled the world,cky,the 5 heartbeats.

|.|favorite thing to do with friends?:hangout,party,be crazy,enjoy each others presence

|.|your opinion on abortion/life/death/same sex marriges/or anything at all that you want to tell us about:my opinion on abortion is that it's the mothers chocie i mean if she thinks that she can't take care of the baby and provide it with what it needs or love it like a baby is suppose to be loved then i think she should be able to have an abortion becasue if she's not able to then how will that child be later on in life if it stays with her it might be abused or non privlaged and if it goes to adotion it might be mistreated and abused or something like that i think that we all live to die so if what ever it is that we belive in or is suppose to belive didn't want that child to be on this earth yet then if she doesn't get an abortion then that thing will take it back some how.Life? live fast die young live and let live.death? why are we dying to live when were just living to die?Don't fear the reaper. same sex marriges? i think that you should be able to marry any one that u want to i mean love doesn't discrimante if you want to get married and you feel that u love the person no matter what color,race,sex,disabilly or fault the person you love or u may have u should be able to get married.If that's what you to really want.

|.|anything else we should know about you?: it depends on what you think it is that you should know.

|.|picturesof you or something that describes you:i am not good looking but pictures are worth a thosand words right? Image hosted by Photobucket.com

|.|good quote/lyric/song "You talk about pride in your race As if being born into something is an achievement? How about doing something with your life - And then yap your fucking mouth about the pride that you have? Who gives a flying fuck about your ancestors When all you do is bitch about everyone else? The bloodstains on the ground from years of ignorance All looks red to me." .
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