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Not a rating community but depending on how many people we end up with it might turn into one (so join as soon as possible)

I freely encourage talking about "taboo" subjects such as: religion, politics, sex etc. but be sure that you have reasons to back it up otherwise dont bother posting since you'll sound ignorant (and we wouldn't want that would we?)

1) opinions differ so don't shun someone for their beliefs and ideas
2) Talk about music, school, your daily life, post stories or pictures just don't be a pervert or obscene.
3)Application is there just so we get to know you. lj cut please if you dont know how to use it, contact me overatedangst
4) Pictures aren't required but if you want put them up






|.|hobbies/interests/things you like to do, or do often/etc.:

|.|favorite class:

|.|what kind of music?:

|.|favorite books/movies/etc.

|.|favorite thing to do with friends?:

|.|your opinion on abortion/life/death/same sex marriges/or anything at all that you want to tell us about:

|.|anything else we should know about you?:

|.|picturesof you or something that describes you:

|.|good quote/lyric/song:

lastly, i took over this community from _jilldo jill so let's be civil or she'll come and take it back

overatedangst vanessa aim: Zfloyd185

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